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Norden Wave : Rangleklods (DK), Silverarken (SE), Golden Parazyth (LT)

2013 02 08

Scandinavia and other Nordic countries are famous not only for high-quality pop music (enough to mention A-ha, Bjork, The Cardigans, Royksopp, etc.), but also for a musical laboratory of very distinctive various sounds.

Contemporary Nordic music series Norden Wave presents their first event with artists from Denmark, Sweden and Lithuania. Event promoter Rolandas Jarusauskas, who is in service of Vilnius nightlife for a long time, is glad that Norden Wave managed to book upcoming RANGLEKLODS from Denmark: "This artist suits the Norden Wave concept ideally - high-quality music without any stylistic boundaries. I believe, everybody is going to dance."

RANGLEKLODS' debut album Beekeeper, composition-wise points just as much backwards towards David Bowie and The Doors as it does forwards, animated by such artists as James Holden and The Field. Techno, trip hop, IDM and many other more genres flow constantly in the underground of this artist's universe.

About the rather nonsensical name Esben Andersen, the man behind RANGLEKLODS, who has masters degree in Electronic Music (DIEM) from The Royal Academy of Music, says: “The name itself is to me an expression of the music’s playful, integrating and unbound nature. The emptiness of meaning in the word 'Rangleklods', cause there really isn't any, has provided the space I needed to escape musical limitations and expectations, focusing on reaching an expression that binds together all the music, and sounds in general, that I care about.”

It seems that the audience likes stylistically ambiguous, but emotionally direct RANGLEKLODS' language. Last year the group toured a lot in Europe, supported their countrymen WhoMadeWho, appeared on Spot, The Great Escape, Roskilde, Iceland Airwaves, Dockville and other festivals.

Meanwhile, the Swedes SILVERARKEN - like a hidden diamond of Stockholm alternative scene. Founded in spring of 2012, they have one goal - to make people forget tomorrow and dance today. Performances of the ironic lo-fi funk 6-piece collective remind the 80's dance floors.

SILVERARKEN is currently recording their debut album. The release is scheduled right after their comeback from Vilnius.

Lithuanian electronic music act with sensuous male vocals GOLDEN PARAZYTH released 98 Windows EP recently. Their popularity is testified with almost 10 thousand likes on Facebook and numerous appearances all around Lithuania. Back in 2006, GOLDEN PARAZYTH became highlight of Lithuanian electronic music and since then they keep on moving. Dedicated to every performance until the last drop of sweat, GOLDEN PARAZYTH prepare a special program for Norden Wave.

DJ Seasonslater is going to fill the gaps between the live performances. Promoter of mysterious events and quirky music collector from Vilnius, constantly looking for records in stores and markets from San Francisco to Burkisa Faso.

Visuals are going to be screened by VJ Eatyourwork.

Poster photo by Jonas Elken Thomsen (DK)